Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Bill's Cafe

tafkar said that when I was in Sydney I had to have breakfast at Bill's. She was right.

Bill's Cafe
433 Liverpool St.
Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010, NSW
Tel: +61.2.9360.9631
fax: +61.2.9360.7302
Mo-Sa 0730-1500
Breakfast until noon.

Bill Granger is a Sydney celebrity chef, and Bill's in Darlinghurst was his first restaurant. It's very well known--Virgin Blue's inflight magazine lists them, for example--but nonetheless they still do a very good breakfast, concentrating on the basics. Some of the options the day I went were scrambled eggs with wholemeal toast (A$10.50, $7.90), sweet cornfritters with roast tomato--which I'm told are excellent-- (A$15.50, $11.60), ricotta hotcakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter (A$15.00, $11.25).

I opted for scrambled eggs. There were also some additional sides available with the eggs: fresh tomato (A$3.50, $2.60), bacon, avocado, mushrooms, aged cheddar, roasted tomato (each A$3.80, $2.85). I decided on avocado and cheddar. A large orange juice (small A$3.80 $2.85, large A$5, $3.75) and a glass of water (free) rounded out my breakfast.

I sat at a big communal table near the entrance, read the Sydney Morning Herald and waited for my food; I hadn't finished the front page when breakfast showed up.

These scrambled eggs were perfect. Light, fluffy, and soft, with an even consistency right through. Yummy. I aspire to make eggs like these. The cheddar came in slices on the side, as did the avocado. Both were fine though not remarkable. The cheddar was served in medium-thick slices at room temperature and was clearly premium cheddar. It tasted not unlike extra sharp Vermont cheddar. The avocado was obviously freshly cut and sliced thinly, and tasted like California avocado. The orange juice was fresh squeezed, of course, and somewhat pulpy.

Service was friendly and efficient. I arrived a few minutes after breakfast ended because I got lost looking for the place (it has no sign, though it does have a building number), and asked if it might still be possible for me to order breakfast. The waiter said, "I'll get your order in right now," and breakfast it was.

All in all a fine first meal of the day. A bit pricey, but not outrageously so. I went on a weekday morning and sat down immediately, but I'm told the lines get long on the weekends.
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