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Analysis: Man in the News: Alexei Navalny

The FT has done a profile on the blogger and activist news reports have linked to the DDoS attack on LJ.

Some excerpts (do a
search for the exact Subject: line "Analysis: Man in the News: Alexei Navalny" to read the full article):
He may have been dubbed Russia’s Julian Assange but outwardly there is little Alexei Navalny seems to have in common with the enigmatic founder of WikiLeaks. He dresses in polo shirts and jeans rather than Mr Assange’s trademark cream-coloured designer suits. He lives not in monastic seclusion but loves the hurly-burly of public life and debates. His hardline stance on gun-control and immigration grates with Moscow’s smug liberal elite.

Mr Navalny has made a political and media career as an activist shareholder, buying shares in the large, untransparent state-controlled companies that run Russia’s economy, such as Gazprom and Rosneft, and then trying to exercise his legal rights as a minority shareholder. His accounts of his efforts have led to his becoming the hottest political blog in Russia, a nation of 40m internet users, even though Mr Navalny admits that reading ìt is a “bit boring”.

His wife goes around with a sheet of paper with phone numbers to call if he is arrested, but he insists he is not afraid. When a mob of football hooligans – presumed to have been sent by the Kremlin – invaded a debate he was hosting at a Moscow nightclub in 2007, he shot one of them with an air pistol. He wasn’t aiming for the head so it was OK, he says.

Mr Navalny is not a typical Russian dissident, of the type the west is used to – like Garry Kasparov – who have made much of their liberal, western-leaning credentials. He is a nationalist, having helped found a movement known as Narod or “People” dedicated to saving “Russian civilisation”. He wants to limit immigration and favours cordoning off the troublesome north Caucasus region.

The blend of nationalism and anti-corruption fervour is hugely popular. “Today, you are a politician if you engage in politics, which is what I am doing every day with my website and my debates.” For the moment, the internet is the only platform in the country free of censorship. “I am having my 15 minutes of fame, as Andy Warhol put it,” he says. “But I know that those 15 minutes will not last.”
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