Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Public Policy Polling released some more polling data on interracial marriage.

They polled the question in Georgia, North Carolina, and Mississippi.

Here's the data by state and political affiliation to the question, "Do you think interracial marriage should be legal or illegal?":

Georgia (790 voters):
Legal: 62%
Illegal: 22%
Not sure: 15%

Georgia Democrat:
Legal: 67%
Illegal: 20%
Not sure: 13%

Georgia Republican:
Legal: 52%
Illegal: 29%
Not sure: 19%

Georgia Independent/Other:
Legal: 74%
Illegal: 13%
Not sure: 13%

North Carolina (507 voters):
Legal: 68%
Illegal: 20%
Not sure: 12%

North Carolina Democrat
Legal: 74%
Illegal: 15%
Not sure: 11%

North Carolina Republican:
Legal: 55%
Illegal: 30%
Not sure: 14%

North Carolina Independent/Other:
Legal: 80%
Illegal: 11%
Not sure: 9%

Mississippi (817 voters):
Legal: 54%
Illegal: 28%
Not sure: 18%

Mississippi Democrat:
Legal: 68%
Illegal: 18%
Not sure: 14%

Mississippi Republican:
Legal: 39%
Illegal: 41%
Not sure: 19%

Mississippi Independent/Other:
Legal: 56%
Illegal: 21%
Not sure: 22%

Another noteworthy result is that when broken down by age (18-29, 30-45, 46-65, over 65), more people in the 18 to 29 group thought interracial marriage should be illegal than any other group except those over 65. This was true in each state. (GA: 28%, NC: 26%, MS: 36%). In each state, more 18-29s believed that interracial marriage should be illegal than the sample of all ages.

PPP has asked for suggestions for national poll questions; I suggested they ask this question nationwide.

PPP's press release, with all the questions and crosstabs.
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