Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Today's Google Doodle is honor of the Royal Wedding.

That's not really a surprise.

What's interesting to me is just where the doodle is being displayed. I just checked a few of the dozens of local country-level domains Google has.

It's on the UK site, of course. It's also on the Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand sites. None of that's a big surprise, either. But it's not on the Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, or Manx sites, and all of those are still part of the UK: an overseas territory and three Crown Dependencies.

It's also not on some former British colonial possessions, like Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore, or South Africa. I can think of good reasons why not in each case.

But it is on the one for the United States, that long-lost British colony. It's also on the one for India.


Sure, from a marketing point of view, I can see their choices making sense. But it's still funny.

ETA: TG Daily's "Royal Correspondent" suggests "that Larry Page is after a knighthood."
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