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Stads Pannekoeckhuys

I haven't been to Stads Pannekoeckhuys since sometime in the fall of 2001, I think, and that would have been if genitiggie and I went when we visited Delft. That was probably my second or third visit, because I remember going there with Elizabeth the last time we were in Delft, a couple of years before that.

Stads Pannekoeckhuys
Oude Delft 113-115
2611 BE Delft
tel: +31.15.2130193
fax: +31.15.2124327
Tu-Su: 1100-2100
Closed Mondays.
Closed Sundays between 1 November and 1 April.

I'm really fond of the Dutch take on pancakes. They're thicker and heartier than French crepes, but not as heavy as American pancakes. And, like their French counterparts, they're available with both sweet and savory fillings. Generally if you order one savory pancake as a main course and one sweet pancake for dessert, you've got a solid meal for yourself. It's hard to find places that serve pannekoeken outside of the Netherlands and South Africa, so when I find a place that does, I take full advantage.

Het Stadspannekoeckhuys is an unpretentious pancake house facing a small canal near the Oude Kerk, in Delft's Old Town. Its large windows and light colored decor give it an open feel. Service is friendly and efficient. This being the Netherlands, you should have few problems making yourself understood in English, but if you speak Dutch, by all means use it.

I can't remember exactly which pancakes I got, but I can think of some of the possible varieties it's likely I ordered. Ham, bacon, various cheeses, mushrooms, and eggs are the sorts of things one finds in a typical savory Dutch pancake, while chocolate, nutella, honey, lemon, and the other usual crepe filling suspects can be found in a sweet Dutch pancake. If I had to guess, I probably got a ham, egg, and cheese pancake for lunch, with a honey and lemon pancake for dessert. The two of them together most likely cost less than € 10 total.

Each pancake fills its plate, and are either folded over or wrapped around their mixed fillings.


Stads Pannekoeckhuys also serves poffertjes (mini pancakes), but I've never had any as I'm too focused on the full-sized ones to pay attention to them. I imagine they're good, too.

Menus are available in Dutch and English. Stads Pannekoeckhuys has a childrens' menu and is child-friendly.
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