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I wonder if they've gotten any offers lately.

What with fallout in the rainwater and all, you'd think this real estate listing would be attracting more interest.

From Bargain basement in FT Alphaville:
Details from the glossy prospectus:
A purpose-built RGHQ was constructed at Cultybraggan Camp, within the camp security perimeter and was completed in 1990 and is thought to be one of the last and most technologically advanced structures ever built specifically in relation to the Cold War threat.

As mentioned above, the bunker is of a very high specification design and, unlike many similar structures offered for sale, retains the majority of the plant required to operate the bunker under sealed conditions.
I think I'd want to inquire carefully about what "majority of the plant required to operate" means before putting in a bid of around £400,000.

Here's what it looked like in March 2000, when the folks at Subterranea Britannica got a tour. It's deteriorated a bit in the last decade, if the 2008 posts from the UK Urban Exploration Forums are anything to go by.

According to a post on the camp in general where the bunker is located: "The MoD thoroughly stripped and then abandoned the site in 2004, and in 2007 Comrie Development Trust purchased the site for £350,000 using charitable donations, through Land Reform legislation."

They follow up with three posts with lots of photos: one on the exterior, before they got a look in; an initial informal visit; and a report after an authorized tour:
Located within the Northern section of Cultybraggan Training Camp, Comrie, Perthshire, this purpose built facility was completed in 1990 to act as a replacement emergency Scottish Government Headquarters, following the closure of the bunker at Anstruther (now Scotland’s Secret Bunker museum). However just after construction, the bunker was made redundant by the end of the Cold War, and was sold onto the Army for use as classrooms for the soldiers training at Cultybraggan camp. Probably costing somewhere in the region of £80 million pounds to construct and equip, this remains as another example of unnecessary expenditure by the British Government.

It was difficult to provide a description of how the bunker would have been laid out during it’s active service, as it is now entirely stripped of most communication equipment and fittings. Two elements which I am able to show you is the extensive heating, ventilation, filtration, water and power supply infrastructure which remains to the eastern side of the bunker; and also the damp, crumbling walls in some parts of the bunker, which brings into question the effectiveness of the bunker had there been a nuclear war, and also how cheaply the bunker was constructed. It is true that the entire heating etc has now been turned off to the bunker to save the Trust money, but you would expect a Government building completed only in 1990 to last a bit longer than this!
Finally, this post from 2009 in the urbexforums about the camp overall includes some more recent shots of the bunker interior.

But hey, the location seems nice enough. The Glenturret distillery is only a few miles away, near Crieff.

"Offers in the region of £400,000.00".
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