Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

When a loved one is in the hospital and you get a phone call at 3AM...

...it is extremely unlikely to be good news.

And it wasn't.

bedfull_o_books father had been very ill for a few weeks after some odd symptoms on returning from a trip in early November. It took a while for the medical staff to work out what exactly was wrong with him; the weeks during which they did so were a progression of increasing clarity and decreasing outcome.

Ultimately their assessment was that chemotherapy would kill him, and that hospice care was his best option. He entered hospice care at the beginning of last week.

Within 48 hours we got that three AM phone call.

People have asked me about details of the memorial service. In deference to bedfull I am not posting them here but will be glad to furnish them if you ask. I am sure she will be glad of your support.
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