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Many thanks to ishaa and pmat!

They had an extra ticket to a baseball game this afternoon, and asked me if I wanted to go. A good game, although we all agree it would have been better if Atlanta hadn't won 6-4. Outcome in doubt right to the final pitch. ishaa did feel that he'd rather a blowout, though.

It was my first game in Citizens Bank Park. Nice place to see a game.

I also had a Schmitter--which has been described as a hybrid cheesesteak--for the first time. It was tasty.

The detail that made getting to the game exciting was that I didn't get their email/LJ comments until just under thirteen hours before game time in Philadelphia and I was at holmes_iv's place in Connecticut. Wheee!

However, I now know that it's possible to drive the 200 miles from suburban New Haven to suburban Philadelphia in just under three hours, as long as you pick the right time of day. In fact, if you wanted to drive really fast, you could probably get there in under two and a half.

It was a bit surreal flying down the Cross Bronx Expressway at 80 mph and still have people passing me. As frotz has said, "When it's empty, it's like greased lightning." It certainly was empty this morning at 3.

Thanks again! That was fun!
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