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The Place

I invited myself along to a trip to The Place with ladybird97, a_dodecahedron, holmes_iv, emilymorgan, digitalemur, and Kara. Fortunately, they didn't seem to mind. :)

The Place
891 Boston Post Road
Guilford, CT 06437
Tel: +1.203.453.9276
M-Th: 1700-2200
F: 1700-2300
Sa: 1300-2300
Su: 1200-2200
weather permitting, open May to September only.

The Place has been serving lobsters and clams in the open-air every summer since 1971. It's extremely casual; the food is grilled over an open fire, and you sit on tree stumps at round wooden tables. The menu is basic and simple, featuring clams, lobster, and fish. There are other items on the menu, but you come here for the seafood. And the grilled corn. Everyone agreed that the grilled corn ($1.85) was a high point of the meal. It's grilled, so there are little bits of burnt corn husks, but as someone put it, that's all part of the atmosphere.

ladybird97 had the salmon ($11.95), which came baked wrapped in foil to keep it moist. It was lightly peppered and nicely crusted from the baking.

a_dodecahedron and I both had the catfish ($8.95), which also came baked wrapped in foil, with pepper and lemon, which we both quite liked, although my feeling was that the salmon was slightly better. I also ordered the wine and garlic mussels ($9.35/lb.), which I think were new on the menu. The flavor was a bit too light, and the mussels small, but nonetheless quite tasty.

holmes_iv ordered the steamers ($9.35/lb.), which were perfectly respectable, but nothing special. I thought they were a bit small. Steamers and mussels both come with melted butter on the side.

emilymorgan had the vegebob ($5.95), a vegetarian kebab, which appears to be on the menu to give vegetarians something to order other than corn. She said, "I love it when people don't overcook vegetables". It came with mushrooms ("really good"), peppers, onion, zucchini, and squash.

digitalemur said that the bbq chicken ($6.95), which was a split boneless chicken breast, with plain sweet bbq sauce, could've had more to it, but wasn't bad for what it was.

None of us ordered either the shrimp (1/2 dozen $4.50; dozen 8.95), the lobster (1 1/4 lb. 17.95; 1 1/8 lb. 16.45; 1 lb. 14.95), or the rib eye steak ($13.95). I have had both the lobster and the steak on other occasions and quite enjoyed them both.

In general, there are some things on the menu, like lobster, fish, shellfish, and corn, that The Place does very well, and the rest of the menu is simply there for people who won't eat one of the things that they do well. Order the things they do well.

There are a variety of desserts: cheesecake, carrot cake, Mississippi Mudcake, pecan pie, and hot fudge sundae (all $3.95), but I recommend you do what we did and go across the street to the Guilford branch of the Ashley's Ice Cream empire, and finish your meal with homemade premium ice cream.

The Place is strictly byob, and there is no corkage charge. No credit cards.
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