Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Attention all former members of the YPMB.

This from the current President of the Yale Bands:
Hi! I'm the current President of the Yale Bands, and we found your post thru Google. Unfortunately the old arrangement got lost in the archives and Mr. Duffy ended up making a new arrangement in just a few hours. It was designed to showcase the things that make us unique right now (including a musical saw solo). Please check out our performance here!

I hope you still like it, and tell all your friends to vote for us every day to win $25,000!
This from the Drum Major:
Hi from the current YPMB Drum Major! I'd just like to reiterate what Kate said-- as part of the CBS Marching Band Mania contest, we're the only Ivy school and the only scatter band in the competition to win $25,000 by popular vote. We're competing against a number of much larger schools, so any help from extended networks is critical!

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