Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Hawaii Five-O and Five-0 theme.

Way back in the day, when Hawaii Five-O was still in its original run--and for a few years after--its theme song was a favorite of the YPMB. This was likely because the song gave both percussion and brass a chance to show off.

Anyway, they're now remaking the series with a digit 0 rather than a letter O. After it was pointed out that they were screwing with one of the best things about the show to ill effect, they have wisely rethought the idea of remaking the theme song with a lame guitar-based track.

So I'm wondering when the Band will dig the old arrangement out of the archives and play it at games again. Or maybe the junta will just create a new one.

"That's what we're doing here today, is not messing up the theme song." -- Peter Lenkov, Executive Producer, Hawaii Five-0.

More on the remaking of the theme song at the LA Times story and CBS's video of the making of the 2010 version of the theme. And for comparison, the 1968 version of the opening credits.
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