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Here we go again.

About 3:40AM I heard a thump and crunch outside, followed by what sounded like male teenage laughter. By the time I got out of the house and to the car, they were gone.

I took a look at the car. "I hope they haven't smashed the driver's side mirror," I thought. They hadn't.

What they had done is to take a baseball bat to the rear window, leaving a smashed rear window, a dented rear corner pillar, and probably damage to the rear door itself.

I called the police. About an hour later a cruiser came by with officer K. Thomas. He said that usually when kids went around playing mailbox baseball there would be a string of damaged cars and mailboxes, and while he hadn't seen any on his way around the neighborhood he figured there'd be some reports in the morning. We agreed that the damage was likely over $2000. He also agreed with the idea of waiting until morning before moving the car. If we move it the broken glass will just fall in, and we'd like to be able to take photos of it in daylight for the insurance company.

I guess I'll find out if the insurance adjusters work Saturdays.

Photos to follow after the sun comes up.
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