Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Daniel Davies, in a reply to a comment on his D-Squared Digest blog:
I think I've always been consistent on this apart from a few moments of rage, we do need to accept that the fact that loads of people belive that they have very real concerns about immigration means that there's something going wrong with our system; specifically, in my opinion, that our system doesn't look after the working class very well at all. The fact that neoliberalism and globalisation aren't delivering the goods for the working class is a genuine problem that politicians genuinely need to address, but they need to address it properly. That doesn't mean playing anti-immigrant politics, any more than having the medical profession do something about poor doctoring means handing out fish oil pills. But similarly, I don't think the Tom Friedman approach of just repeating that "globalisation brings benefits to all" works either.
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