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Paul the octopus, conqueror of quants

From http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/07/12/283101/paul-the-octopus-conqueror-of-quants/:
Spain won.

Paul the Octopus was right.

And FT Alphaville, for one, welcomes our new cephalopod overlords.

Because from our reading of the results of the World Cup forecasting contest run by the data predictor chaps at Kaggle, Paul ended up beating the banking world’s finest.

As Kaggle explain (our emphasis):
JP Morgan finished 28th, Goldman Sachs 33rd, FT Alphaville finished 40th, UBS 55th and Danske Bank 64th. All the banks performed worse than the betting markets, which finished 16th (based on Betfair odds).
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