Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Videos from China's subways.

Normally I feel that video screens in public transport should show information designed to help you get around. The best of these I've seen are the ones in Dutch buses, which list the next few stops in order, along with other rider information. This is helpful and an excellent use of screen area. Another example is Tokyo's Yamanote line which has video screens which display useful stop and transfer information.

The worst, I think, are video screens which show nothing but advertisements. I'm not going to bother showing any of those. In general, I think video screens should be used to help people make sense of the transit system, not distract them.

However for the following series of short subjects, currently being shown on subway systems across China from Beijing to Guangzhou, I'm prepared to make an exception. They feature 豆儿 (dou4er), an animated soybean sprout.

They are almost painfully cute, and I looked forward to seeing them when I rode the subway. The ones below, which include his girlfriend--identifiable as such because she is pink and has long eyelashes--also provide a view of gender stereotypes in modern China.

Tags: transit
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