Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Air Asia turned out to be okay.

It helped a lot that the plane was only about 2/5 full. I bought their lunch box, for RM8 ($2.11) mostly to see what was in it, which was: a Cadbury chocolate wafer bar, a sandwich-sized savory filled bun, a box of tea, and a souvenir pen.

I got a whole row to myself on the 737 and slept most of the way to Senai airport, then paid RM5 ($1.31) for the half-hour Causeway Link bus ride to Larkin bus terminal in Johor Bahru, then paid another RM2 (53 cents) for the Singapore Bus Service number 170 all the way to the stop outside my friend's condo. (Note to self: SBS services take exact change or EZ-Link cards only.)

I'd fly them again, I think.

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