Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

I saw a sign like this one in a Montreal breakfast place a couple of years ago and decided it would be perfect for the S&C:

Veuillez Choisir Vous-Même Une Table Libre

In February, I was in Montreal and visited a nearby restaurant supply place to see if I could find one. As it turned out, tucked away in a battered cardboard box on a dusty bottom shelf, they had a few restaurant signs in standard size, shape, design, and typeface. I bought two double-sided signs. Here's what the other side says:

Notre Hôtesse Vous Assignera Une Table

(Hôtesse, eh?)

The other sign says

Prenez Garde-Plancher Glissant

on one side and

S.V.P. Laissez-Nous Le Soin De Vous Assigner Une Place

on the other. I don't know why all the words are capitalized, but the English language sign set from International Pattern, Inc. also seem to capitalize all the words. I haven't been able to find an online source for the French language sign set, or any other language, like Spanish.

They also had some signs that said things like "No Smoking" and "Management takes no responsibilty for lost or stolen objects" and suchlike, but I figured all we really needed was the ones I got. Also, they're going to need a frame and stand for the sign, but that's easy.

As one of our siblings suggested today at lunch when I dropped them off, the steward can now point and say, "Can't you read the sign?" The stewards were visibly pleased.

So there you have it. For under $25 and a little legwork in another country you too can give your restaurant that touch of "je ne sais quoi" (or perhaps "q'est-ce que fuck?") lent by French language signage.
Tags: food
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