Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson

Just finished it, thanks to tyellas and her Auckland City Library card (thanks!).

I'm glad Gibson wrote a novel set in the present day. I'd always really liked his descriptions of various places but felt that they were so solidly grounded in the present that it would be fun to see him write about it.

I've actually been chasing this book around in my travels. I'd read a good review of it in The Economist, December 4th, and then found it in Wordsworth in Harvard Square, the day I ran into gee_tar, decided not to buy it, and didn't find it in any local libraries in Connecticut. It wasn't in any of the bookstores I looked in in Bangkok, but I finally did find it in the University of Canterbury bookstore. I was still looking to borrow it, not buy it, so it was nice to have it turn up in Auckland.
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