Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

I found one of these in Home Depot yesterday.

One of my current obsessions is finding compact fluorescent bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs. Unlike most sane people--but like certain of my friends--I prefer to use the energy efficiency of the CFL to provide more light with the same amount of energy rather than generate the same amount of light with less energy.

This 68W behemoth from TCP, Inc. , rated at 4200 lumens, claims to provide the same amount of light as a 300W incandescent, yet can be installed in any fixture which can safely accept a 75W incandescent.

Energy Federation Incorporated and Conservation Mart both want $24.50 for it, but Home Depot had them for $14.50. Lighting Supply Co. has them for $24, in both 2700K and 5100K versions. (The other vendors are all selling the 2700K version.)

One big detail is that the bulb itself is rather large: it's nearly 10 inches long and about 4 inches in diameter, so it won't physically fit in a lot of fixtures. Still, although I didn't pick one up yesterday (I wanted to do some comparison shopping first), I want one. I'm sure I can find someplace to put it.
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