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CRUNCH: the game for utter bankers

From http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/04/07/go-fish-for-capitalists/:
Inspired by the credit crisis, a new satirical card game in Britain invites players to take the role of banking executives, secretly embezzle their banks’ assets, pay themselves gigantic bonuses and use government bailouts to secure as much personal wealth as possible while ensuring their customers’ trust.

The card game, called “Crunch,” is the brainchild of the Web designer Andrew Sheerin (from Cambridge, England), his friend Andy Tompkins and the children’s book illustrator Tom Morgan-Jones.

The game, which is for two to four players, is “a mixture of strategy,” Mr. Sheerin says, “which comes from running your bank well, and real skill, which comes from actually removing cards from the table without anyone noticing.”
The Digital Money Forum blog says:
The game served a dual purpose, both of which left me delighted with it. First of all, it was fun to play. Basically, you build up your bank's lending against assets (ranging from shares in listed companies to Nazi gold) and then when a crunch comes you trade in trust for government bailouts. It didn't take long to learn, and both the kids and adults enjoyed it. It had an unexpected second purpose, though. I bought it for fun, but in playing it the kids asked a lot of questions about the credit crunch, about the relationship between assets and debt, and about the idea of deliberately growing your workforce and assets to become too big to fail (adding "workforce" cards also gains you "trust" cards).
Funagain Games has it for $12.99, a bit less than the £8.99 the game company charges. Cheaper than Amazon's price of $14.08, too.

I have no connection with either the game's publisher, TerrorBull Games, or that retailer, Funagain Games. I just think the game looks fun.
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