Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

I thought I'd posted about the pączki from Patisserie Wawel, but I hadn't.

Patisserie Wawel does pączki year-round, in three flavors: traditional prune, apricot, or cream. Go early because they make them fresh and they do run out towards the end of the day. And their other pastries are also tasty.

Five locations around Montreal:

1413 Saint-Marc, near de Maisonneuve (Green line: Guy-Concordia)

2543-A Ontario East, at Frontenac (Green line: Frontenac)

7070-A Henri Julien, in Jean Talon Market (Orange and Blue: Jean-Talon)

5499 Sherbrooke West, at Girouard (sort of near Orange line: Vendome)

7401 Newman (Carrefour Angrignon Mall, sort of near Green line: Angrignon)

For more details, Midnight Poutine did a writeup, with photos, at http://www.midnightpoutine.ca/food/2007/10/baked_in_montreal_wawel/
Tags: food
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