Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Some restaurant streets.

These streets are semi-pedestrianized dedicated restaurant streets: rue Duluth just east of St-Denis (Orange line between Mont-Royal and Sherbrooke), rue Prince-Arthur between Square St-Louis and St-Laurent (Orange line: Sherbrooke), and de la Gauchetière in Chinatown by Clark and St-Urbain (Place d'Armes Metro).

Chinatown has mostly Chinese and Vietnamese, Prince Arthur has mostly Greek places, while Duluth has a variety of restaurants, with a couple of Italian ones right at the beginning near the corner of St-Laurent. I think of the spaghetti alfredo at Eduardo's at 404 Duluth every time I walk by the place. Mazurka, at 64 Prince Arthur, has inexpensive Polish food; great on a cold day. The specials there are good value.

The streets are a bit touristy, as you'd expect, but nonetheless nice.
Tags: food
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