Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Splitting restaurant checks.

In Montreal most restaurants are exceptionally used to splitting checks. If you enter with a party of twelve, you can specify a single check, twelve separate checks, or anything in between. They just do it. Often they ask before they take the order.

Sometimes if you don't think to split the check until the end, they can get a little confused, getting person A's entree on the bill with person B's appetizer or vice versa, but they are otherwise generally very good about splitting checks in contexts where around here they get all pissy about it.

They are so good about it that it's a bit of a shock coming back after being there. I guess it's a cultural difference. In any case, if you go out eating with a large group--and at a convention I imagine you will--you should find this particular bit of restaurant culture handy.
Tags: food

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