Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Copenhagen Bakery

There seem to be Scandinavian bakeries scattered about the world. In this it's somewhat like the phenomenon of having Irish pubs everywhere, particularly in really unexpected places--like Sofia, Bulgaria--but on a smaller scale. There is a miniature chain of them in Laos, one in Vientiane, one in Luang Phabang, and then there's this one, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Copenhagen Bakery and Cafe
119 Armagh Street
Christchurch, Canterbury
South Island, New Zealand
tel & fax: +64.3.379.3935
email: sweettreats@xtra.co.nz

The Copenhagen Bakery has pretty much gone native here in New Zealand, in that you won't find the signature Danish open-faced smørrebrød here, and you will find New Zealand meat pies. On the other hand, they are very tasty pies, and have won local awards.

I had a steak and kidney pie (NZ$2.70, $1.81) and an apricot pie (NZ$2.50, $1.68) both single-serving, and both delicious, and quite enough for breakfast. "Gourmet" single-serving pies, with fillings including camembert or chicken satay, are NZ$3.80 ($2.56). Coffee and a wide variety of pastries and cakes are also available.
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