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Roti Mataba

I found this place just by walking by. After I'd eaten there I discovered it was in my Time Out Bangkok guide. When I mentioned it to Leah, she said, "Oh, I know about that place...it's *food*, after all!"

Roti Mataba
136 Thanon Phra Arthit (opposite Phra Sumen Fort/Santichaiprakarn Park)
Banglamphu, Bangkok
tel: +66.2.629.3353/2.282.2119
Tu-Su 0700-2000
Chao Phraya Express Boat: N13 Phra Artit/Banglamphu
(review visible at: http://matrix.bangkokpost.co.th/entertainment/restaurants/review.php?id=60)

Roti Mataba celebrated its sixtieth anniversary last year, 2003. Since 1943, this little hole in the wall has been serving up freshly made roti with various curries, and mataba (also known as murtabak). Roti are Indian flat bread, and mataba are a version of this filled with egg and minced meat.

My personal preference here is for the mataba, which come in chicken, beef, vegetarian, and seafood. At B.25 (63 cents) each, you can hardly go wrong. The roti are also quite good, from around B.10 (25 cents), depending on toppings, including sugar, condensed milk, and other sweets, or up to about B.50 ($1.25) if accompanied by curries. The curry portions are small, though, and overall I was not terribly impressed by them. You come here for the freshly fried breads, obviously.

This is a very small place, generally very crowded. There are a few tables on the sidewalk, a couple of cramped ones inside, and a few more upstairs. Takeout is a couple of baht extra for packing.

The restaurant is halal.
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