Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Volcano Cafe

Victoria and PJ were meeting their friend Helen for dinner and asked if I wanted to join them. Victoria and Helen wandered around Lyttleton phoning and texting each other until they settled on the Volcano Cafe.

Volcano Cafe
42 London St.
Lyttleton, Canterbury
South Island, New Zealand
tel: +64.3.328.7077

The Volcano Cafe is a fairly active bar restaurant with excellent food. Victoria and PJ both got pasta, which looked quite tasty. I got a big bowl of green-lipped mussels (NZ$10, $6.75) in a cream sauce which I didn't care for but which Victoria and PJ eagerly scooped up with my leftover mussel shells. For my main I decided that New Zealand lamb was the right thing to do. A generous rack of lamb was NZ$26 ($17.50). It came accompanied by vegetables and salad, and arrived just right, still pinkish and very juicy.
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