Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Little India Bistro and Tandoor

I was wandering around Saturday night in Dunedin, looking for an interesting place to eat. As I walked down a sidestreet, I saw that Little India was very busy. This was a good sign, as I'd passed a number of possibilities with very few patrons.

Little India Bistro and Tandoor
82 St. Andrews St.
Dunedin, Otago
South Island, New Zealand
tel: +64.3.477.6559
fax: +64.3.467.2707
mobile: +
lunch: M-F 1130-1430
dinner: 7 days, 1700-"late"

(other locations in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown.)

For a chain, Little India is pretty good. The heat is toned down for the NZ palate, but the food is quite tasty. I ordered "medium", which was only vaguely spicy, but they do anything from mild to very hot.

For a starter, I got the small barra kebab (NZ$8, $5.40), three lamb chops, tandoori style. The large, at NZ$17.50 ($11.80) is eight lamb chops, and is a meal in itself. The chops were tender, juicy, and pleasantly spiced. The chicken korma (NZ$15.90, $10.75) was not as sweet as one finds in the UK, but slightly more so than the US version. In any case, it was also quite pleasant, and came with plenty of basmati rice.
I also got the chicken naan (NZ$4.50, $3.05). There was enough food that I had the naan and one of the lamb chops packed up to take away. It made a good lunch the next day.

Note that *everything* has cilantro sprinkled on it. I should have asked to have that omitted, as should you if you're a cilantro soap-taster.
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