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And now, the transit cuts.

Boston (WBZ report):
MBTA General Manager Dan Grabauskas filed paperwork on Monday to increase fares on subways, busses and trains. He also said the T's budget problems are so severe, commuter rail service may have to be drastically reduced at night, and even eliminated on the weekends.
New York (Times story):
The base subway and bus fare in New York City would rise to $2.50, up from $2. A 30-day MetroCard would cost $103, up from $81. A monthly ticket on the Long Island Rail Road for a commuter who travels between Ronkonkoma and Pennsylvania Station would increase to $352, up from $278.

The far-reaching service cuts include the elimination of 35 bus routes and the elimination of the W and Z subway lines. Off-peak service on subways and buses would be cut and commuter rail service would be trimmed. About 1,100 transit workers would be laid off. The service cuts would go into effect over the next several months.
Chicago (Tribune):
CTA service cuts and more fare increases must be among the possible options to erase a projected $155 million budget deficit this year, transit officials warned Wednesday, adding that a decision will be made next month.
San Francisco (Chronicle):
Muni riders in San Francisco may have to pay higher fares for less service to help close a projected budget deficit that has ballooned to $129 million, officials announced Friday.

To blame is a state decision last month that eliminated all funding for transit operations. A drop in revenue from parking fines, higher labor costs and cuts from City Hall added to the problem.
Atlanta (Journal-Constitution):
After one of its best years on record, MARTA is headed for one of its bumpiest patches ever, with fare increases all but certain and major cuts in service a distinct possibility, MARTA General Manager and Chief Executive Beverly Scott said Monday.

She predicted users could see service reductions of between 10 percent and 30 percent, depending on the outcome of pending legislative proposals that would change how the agency can spend its money.

MARTA users also will almost certainly see base fare rate hikes of 25 cents, to $2, she said.
Reconnecting America has put together a national map showing which cities in the US are cutting service, increasing fares, or laying off workers, and posted it at http://t4america.org/transitcuts.

Meanwhile, in London, the transport union is to vote whether to go on strike over job and pay cuts.
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