Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

City Seafood Market

This place was right next door to the YHA in downtown Christchurch. It had a big sign saying $3 Fish and Chips deal, cheapest meal in town. Well, they were right.

City Seafood Market
277 Manchester Street
Christchurch, Canterbury
South Island, New Zealand
tel: (03) 377 3377
M-Th: 0900-1800
F: 0900-1900

This is a fish market with a fry counter. There are a couple of tables outside, but other than that, no seating. The fish is as good as you'd expect it to be from a fish market. On the day I went the fish of the day appeared to be cod. You get a single piece of fish, probably around 300g or so. It's not a big piece, but not a small one, either, and it comes battered and nicely fried. It also comes with a large scoop of chips. Other stuff (like hot dogs) is available but why you would bother with any of that is beyond me. There are also kumara (sweet potato) chips for $2 a scoop.

The fresh fish looks pretty good, too. All in all, it looks like a good fish market.

NZ$3 is about US$2.10 right now, so it really is a great deal.
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