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A Facebook viral experiment.

Nassim Taleb created a Facebook group called Make Bankers Accountable, which has now been linked in a number of blogs, including in Paul Kedrosky's and in Zero Hedge.

Here's the description:
Make bankers accountable for the mess! They got rich HIDING RISK and put INNOCENT people in this mess.
Mission Statement: At Davos 2009, Taleb was quoted as saying that people like Robert Rubin, who received over $100 million serving as chairman of New York-based Citigroup Inc.'s executive committee, need to be punished for their failure to understand the risks their institutions were taking. He said that unless Rubin and others like him are made to mandatorily return their bonuses or are given some other punishment, the system that regrettably emerges is one "in which it’s the worst of capitalism and socialism, a situation in which profits were privatized and losses were socialized. We taxpayers have the worst.”

Nassim Taleb: "This will stand as the biggest government-sponsored scam in history". Investment bankers are way ahead; the small guy is paying the price.
"Let's see how it spreads," he says.
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