Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

NJ: Your last chance to use or turn in those Garden State Parkway tokens.

The Garden State Parkway raised tolls as of 1 December 2008. Not coincidentally, the Parkway will stop accepting tokens after 1 January 2009. Until then, they are still taking them at the toll plazas. They're also running a token redemption program. The website lists the Montvale (mile 171), Cheesequake (mile 124), and Forked River (mile 76) service areas as redemption locations, as well as the Turnpike administration offices in Woodbridge. (Note that the hours are extremely restricted; the Montvale service area hours are already over, and Cheesequake's hours start tomorrow.)

When the tokens were issued, they cost 33 and a third cents, and could be used to pay a 35 cent toll. Now that that toll is up to 50 cents, what are they worth at the toll plaza? I think I need to ask someone at a redemption location.

If any of you (particularly those of you in New Jersey) find out, please advise.

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