Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Bangkok Markets, Part 1.

Yesterday, while wandering around, I came across a market for hardware geeks. Unlike Akihabara in Tokyo, this one doesn't specialize in new equipment. This one is for people who like to build things, and for people who want their broken consumer electronics fixed.

I found myself standing in front of a display window of capacitors. Around the corner and down the street there was a row of electronics workers sitting at tables set up on the sidewalk. They were working under umbrellas, repairing things. There were guys soldering parts onto circuit boards. Some guys were testing with multimeters. One guy had a huge reel of wire and doing windings from scratch.

I turned another corner and saw a guy with a stack of used car stereo units. It looked like he was repairing them, as he had one open and was testing something. I thought, "Hey, I should have brought him mine!" until I remembered I couldn't get the damn thing out of the car, and neither could the car thief who broke my locks getting in and left car radio frame bits around the footwells. I'd have thanked him if he had, because I really want this radio taken out so I can replace it with something that works. Besides, even at Thai labor rates I'm sure the radio isn't worth fixing.

Anyway, I thought of all the hardware geeks I know when I walked around the market.
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