Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

McDonald's Thailand

I have a rule, perhaps a guideline, that it's a waste of calories to eat at places I could eat at back home. This doesn't mean necessarily "no fast food" as there are a lot of interesting fast food places I can't eat at back home, like In-N-Out Burger in California, Bob's in Brazil, and Nando's in South Africa. In fact, if I'm in the mood I seek out new fast food experiences because it can be fun to see what other countries have done with the "quick-service" food industry.

However, it does usually mean no McDonald's.

On the other hand, McDonald's Thailand http://www.mcthai.co.th/ serves some
things McDonald's USA doesn't. For example the menu lists three different flavors of pies, but only in Thai. (From the photo you can figure out that the flavors are corn, pineapple, and taro.) For B.22 (56 cents), I thought I'd give the taro pie a try.

It's the old-style deep-fried pie that has been discontinued in the States but is still quite popular elsewhere, but filled with taro chunks and paste instead of apple chunks and sauce. It was okay, pretty much what you'd expect if you know what taro tastes like. I don't need to eat another one.

I'm still intrigued by the corn pie, however, but I think I'm done with McDonald's for now.
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