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That 30 secret question meme.

As it turns out, there are at least a couple of versions of that meme going on.

http://vakkotaur.insanejournal.com/228904.html has details:
A few days ago I posted a link to a list of questions used in that "30 Questions" thing that's been going around LJ (and, I assume, other places) for a while. Last night someone pointed out another link to the questions. The interesting thing is a comment on that posting, pointing out that some questions had changed.

Did you get this one, which seems fairly innocuous:

05. Someone who seems easy to talk to.
21. Someone who you are grateful to.
22. Someone who makes you laugh.

Or this one, which implies different, not necessarily pleasant, things:

05. Someone who seems like a chatterbox.
21. Someone S-type.
22. Someone M-type.

That's at least two versions of the list. How many versions are there?

Since it's trivially easy to just copy and paste, this isn't just a transmission-reception or mis-hearing-mis-remembering-mis-speaking error as happens in the Telephone Game. This was deliberate. Someone decided to make things more revealing, perhaps more dramatic. And as long as the general secrecy was maintained, there was no way to verify that the set of questions or descriptors you had was identical to the list someone else had worked from.
Me, I'm just thinking, "Jaguars?", "MGs?" or even "asteroids?" :)
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