Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

This week in Beijing: "double the noise, double the moshing, double the porta-potties"

From http://www.chinamusicradar.com/?p=119:
Looks like there will indeed be a direct time conflict between Beijing’s Midi and Modern Sky festivals, with the former scheduled for Sept 29 - October 2, and the latter confirmed to start one day later and wrap on the 2nd as well. We wonder if concert goers will choose to hop between Haidian Park and the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium, rather than committing to Midi with the RMB 150 4-day ticket (day passes to the festivals cost just RMB 50 for Midi and 60 for Modern Sky). Midi hasn’t gotten a license yet, much less confirmed its line-up [ed: they have now, and they're running October 1-5, see below], but Modern Sky has scheduled 40-odd acts (not including 25 DJs), among them Re-TROS, New Pants, Carsick Cars, Queen Sea Big Shark, and Joyside.

This could be music to the ears of those who plan to spend the October Golden Week holiday in Beijing: double the noise, double the moshing, double the porta-potties.
http://www.chinamusicradar.com/?p=131 update:
It was announced on the Midi School forum yesterday here, that the Midi Music Festival will, in fact, still go forward over the October holiday BUT will take place on the grounds of the Midi School itself. The dates have been listed at October 1-5, running between two in the afternoon and ten in the evening.
Modern Sky Festival '08, Haidan Park, Beijing/摩登天空音乐节, 北京海淀公园. (Wikipedia article)
Midi Music Festival 2008

(I'm not expecting anyone to fly to Beijing just for these, but you never know, particularly with my friends who are a lot closer than I am.)
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