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(Okay, back to a restaurant listing, which was the original point of this journal.)

I've eaten at this place so often now I've got multiple stamps on my frequent diner card. It seems like it's time to write them up. :)

1st Floor, Nana Plaza Inn (hidden away towards the back)
202 Khaosan Road
Bangkok, 10200
Tel: +66.2.629.0173
fax: +66.2.629.0174
daily: 1130-0100

Taketei's website says it's the best Japanese restaurant on Khao San Road. Well, as far as I can tell, it's the only one. At any rate, it is Leah's favorite, and as she has lived in Japan before living here in Bangkok, I tend to trust her judgement. The place is also quite popular with Japanese, who like to chat with Mr. Hashi, who in turn likes to chat with everyone. Leah has a great advantage here in that she can speak all three languages used in the restaurant: Japanese, Thai, and English.

So, how's the food? It's quite good, actually. Not, of course, as good as one might expect in Japan, but then the prices are hardly Japanese prices, either. Set menus, including tempura, tonkatsu, karaage, or sabateri are available at prices from B. 120 to B. 180 ($3.06 - $4.58), and there are a variety of rolls available. The menu also includes many special rolls.

Thus far everything I have had has been of quite reasonable quality. This is a fairly simple, unpretentious place, not an expense account sort of restaurant. The sushi is fresh, tasty, and well-presented.

The seating area is divided into a tatami area with footwells, and a regular area with chairs. There is also a full bar.
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