Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

1.5 meter stereo cable: $500.

Thanks to st_rev.

From Amazon's customer reviews:

"The first time I downloaded a picture to the printer over this cable, the bits moved so fast the printer collapsed into a naked singularity, right there in my office."

"This cable made my David Hasselhoff CD sound like William Shatner! My only disappointment was in having too much of a good thing."

"What I found most impressive is that this cable actually turned my binary digital audio devices into TRINARY digital audio devices. All the people saying that it's just 1's and 0's don't understand how revolutionary this cable is. IT UPSCALES YOUR DIGITAL SPECTRUM TO ALLOW FOR 2's!!!"

"I made the mistake of taunting the AKDL1.

I am a battered shell of a man."

The user tags are also funny.
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