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thoughts at a quarter to five in the morning

It was heartwarming to get to talk with people who I care a lot about, and who quite obviously care a lot about me, even if those conversations were much too brief. Maybe the best way to think about them is that we get to see each other long enough to remind each other that we miss each other and will make more of an effort to spend time together. At least seeing each other annually reminds us of how we dropped out of each other's lives and that we want that not to happen.

It does also remind me that I don't, and probably never will, have enough time to spend with the people I connect with.

It is comforting, as various friends observed, to be able to come back to the house. And to know that it's here, and that it goes on not only physically but as a living community. It gives our lives roots which we often need and lack.

One problem with reunion, I think, is that often one sees it through a haze of sleep-deprivation. Nonetheless, it does seem that my "inside voice" is still a pleasant one. Unfortunately, it means I've forgotten all the really good quotes from the last three days.

Now that I've found my phone it's probably worthwhile to get back into bed and sleep, particularly since I have a room here tonight. But maybe I'll go downstairs and eat a muffin first.
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