Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Flight note #1 (TO, BKK-PNH, 12 Jan 04)

(First in an intermittent series.)

I've been flying a great deal lately, and there have been noteworthy things about most of the flights. This flight, on President Airlines was noteworthy for the provenance of the aircraft, and possibly crew. Despite being operated by a Cambodian company, it was leased from Aviogenex, an air charter company based in Belgrade. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the 737-200, and the hour-long flight, while a bit bumpy, was uneventful. They even served us lunch.

It was amusing seeing all the interior signage in English and Serbo-Croatian (Roman letters, so does that mean it's actually in Croatian?) but not a bit of Khmer. The stewardesses I saw looked Khmer, but the English-language safety briefing definitely had a Slavic accent, as did the quick comment from the flight deck. I never did *see* the purser who gave the safety briefing, so she may well have been a recording.

It all brought back memories of flying Jugoslav Aero Transport, before the war, from Singapore to New York via Zagreb (a weather delay stop), Belgrade, and Ljubliana. That one will have to wait for a different flight note.
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