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Veiyo Tonle--River Breeze--Restaurant and Cafe.

The Footprint Guide to Cambodia recommends amok, a popular Cambodian dish, which "consists of boneless fish mixed with coconut and flavored with spices--delicious--but being highly time consuming to prepare is not widely available, try it whenever you see it on a menu."

On my first night in Phnom Penh I decided to go down to Sisowath Quay and visit Veiyo, which the guide recommended as a place to try the dish.

Veiyo Tonle Restaurant and Cafe
237 Eo Preah Sisowath Quay (on the waterfront)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
phone: +855.16.938.404/+855.12.847.419
fax: +855.12.861.878
email: 012847419@mobitel.com.kh
daily: 0600-late
free delivery available (within Phnom Penh), French and English spoken, English and Khmer menu.

Veijo, like many of the other restaurants on Sisowath Quay, offers al fresco dining facing the Tonle Sap. Service is attentive and friendly. The maitre d' chatted me up as I examined the menu, on display in front of the restaurant. I smiled, thanked him, and walked down the street as I wanted to gauge the price level of places in this, the most touristy of streets in the city. When I returned he remembered me, showed me to a table, and turned on a fan to stir the muggy evening air.

I searched the extensive menu for amok, which I had seen on the menu outside, and after looking through pages of Italian dishes, I found the page of Khmer specialties, with amok at $3.50.

The bite-sized pieces of fish were mostly boneless, in a delicate coconut sauce which went very well over the bed of rice which accompanied it. A star-pattern of basil leaves and pepper slices decorated the plate of amok but did not overwhelm the flavor of the dish itself, which was excellent.

It's been said that Khmer cooking is like Thai but less spicy. Amok seems to be a good example of this.

A half-liter of locally purified water was 50 cents, and a rather undistinguished papaya shake, $1.
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