Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Off to Cambodia tomorrow morning.

(This uncharacteristically 'inside my head' posting is going out
just because I feel like it.)

Picked up my air ticket to Phnom Penh this afternoon and then called the guesthouse recommended in www.talesofasia.com. Had a really garbled telephone conversation which I clarified by an email exchange
bracketing dinner. Now I feel reasonably confident about being picked up at the airport by the guesthouse. It's a nice perk, and a luxury I like to indulge in first time I arrive in a somewhat "interesting" country. It worked well in Zambia, even if I had to pay for it, and this time the guesthouse is even doing it for free.

Kinda going to play the rest of the visit to Cambodia by ear; my visa states that I have to enter the country before the 14th, so it's cutting things a little close. I'm given to understand that I still get up to a month's stay on entry. I'm sure that if there's a problem on exit it will be solved by the application of cash dollars to some border official, this being Cambodia.

I have to get out of the habit of waiting until the end of my visa validity to enter countries, though. So far it hasn't reached up to bite me on the ass (although the gate agent's eyes bugged out a bit when I checked in for my flight to Sao Paulo) but if I keep pulling this trick it likely will.
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