Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Street vendor, with a sign in English and Japanese.

I'd passed this guy a few times. His stall seemed like it was getting a lot of business, and it was half a block from where I was staying. Finally I decided that anyone with that much business probably ran a pretty clean stall, and I gave his soup a try. It was good enough that I went back, and now good enough that I'm writing him up.

"Noodle Soup"
Soi Rambuttri
Chakraponse Road
Bangkok 10200
No phone, no fax, no email, no web page.
The guy is a street vendor, okay?

Sets up most evenings in front of Angela Beauty, which is next door to www.body-piercing.com, which does have a map on its website (click on the "B" button, and look on the map for "head office"). If you find them, you'll find the noodle soup guy.

The sign says "Noodle Soup" and a bunch of things I can't read in Japanese. No Thai.

The place is extremely straightforward. You decide whether you want yellow noodles or rice noodles, and whether you want the fish balls or wontons. I always get yellow noodles and wontons. The soup arrives, a smallish entree-sized portion, piping hot, noodles nicely al dente. You get a couple of wontons, a middling amount of noodles, some greens which seem to vary depending on what's available (tonight, there was a slice of winter melon), some lightly seasoned pork, all topped with chives, seasoning, and a bit of fried onion. You get to decide how much fish sauce and spiciness you want in your soup as condiments are on top of your folding table.

All this for B. 25 (63 cents). Pretty good on the price/performance index.

Yummy and satisfying. I generally finish off my meal by walking down the street and buying some of the kebabs on offer (various chicken parts go for B. 10, or 25 cents, while pork is B. 5, at least around here--it's cheaper elsewhere, but you'd have to walk a ways).
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