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Stupid Internet Trick of the moment.

I've been taking advantage of my spiffy new EV-DO net connection. Having untethered net access may actually be more freeing for me than having untethered phone service. It's been great to be able to flip open the laptop and get directions while sitting in IKEA, for example. Or post my last post from a table at the Red Fez in Providence.

The latest thing I've been using it for is as a replacement for my broken car radio. With a co-pilot doing all the clicking and surfing, of course.

There were a couple of times where listening to stations way, way out of normal range resulted in a small jolt of geographic mismatch: having BBC Radio London do their traffic and travel information wrapup while driving down Rt. 24 in Southeastern Massachusetts, and hearing CBC Radio 1 give the weather for the Greater Toronto Area. "Hey! That's not the weather here..." said bedfull_o_books.

Another slight surprise was turning off the ignition and not having the music stop.

I'd understood on some level how much my experience of radio was tied to my driving around, but those little shocks brought home how deeply layered those connections were.
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