Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

That was an odd phone call.

I just got a call at the landline here. The person calling started speaking to me in Mandarin. This was weird, because as far as I know, only my parents have the number here, and they make a point of calling my cell instead. As a result, it took me a second to switch from English.

They said that our number had shown up on their caller ID, and gave our number and theirs (which, unfortunately, I was too surprised to write down). They said a garbled message had been left on their machine and they were calling back. Then they asked me my last name and gave theirs.

We concluded it was very strange, and must have been some wrong number call, and they hung up.

If this is a scam artist it is a very peculiar one. Social engineering to confirm that my Chinese last name is connected to this land line number? But it's weird because I've been here all afternoon and called no one who speaks Mandarin.
Tags: phone
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