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Americans: Applied for a passport recently? You'll be waiting a while.

(From http://travel.latimes.com/articles/la-trw-passports20jun20:)"

"Desperate to obtain their U.S. passports, world travelers have been flying to Seattle, where the passport office is considered one of the nation's most efficient. But even there, more than 110,000 backlogged applications are piled in closets, the supervisor's office and the break room.

"Many won't be touched for months. Half of the staff is trying to help the crowds jamming the lobby and spilling out the door."

http://travel.latimes.com/articles/la-trw-passportdiary13jun13 has one reporter's diary of getting her passport renewed.

"I also had an interview this morning with Colin Walle, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees Local 1998, and he tells me the passport backlog is close to 3 million. The good news: The backlog has shrunk in the last couple of weeks. The bad news: The backlog was only 1.3 million in February."

"In testimony on Tuesday in the Senate, Maura Harty, assistant secretary of State for consular affairs, said the backlog was indeed 3 million. That 500,000 number was the number that had already taken longer than 10 to 12 weeks."

(Today seems to be my day of "stupid government tricks" posts.)
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