Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Crane Beach, Ipswich, Saturday.

It was 70F/21C on Saturday here in Boston. We don't usually get that kind of weather here in April, much less January. So it seemed like an excellent day for the beach.

When we got to Crane Beach, we clearly weren't the only people to think of this idea. There was a line at the entrance booth where we paid for parking.

There were a remarkable number of people in the water, which was cold, but not as cold as I'd have expected. Many of them were children, and nearly all were dressed in a way which implied that they had not actually arrived at the beach intending to go swimming. There were a couple of girls who ran into the water together in shorts and bikini tops, which I thought was an odd sort of half-prepared combination.

bedfull_o_books was particularly surprised to see the small children running nude around the beach. Again, it seemed as if they hadn't really planned to take off so many clothes. I wasn't sure what the big fuss was, but she kept babbling something about it being January.

One thing I only noticed as we were walking off the beach was that there was no heat rising off the sand. Usually, in spring or summer, the sand is hot. Here, it was late afternoon, and the beach was cool.

We had a great time.

As we walked back to the car, we overheard a mother telling her child, "This was a very special day, because it's not normally this warm in January. After this it will be much colder." He didn't seem to be paying much attention to her. Five year-olds don't, not when they have lots more interesting things around them.

The whole day was reminiscent of a winter day in northern California. Though it was a little damper than it would have been there. Oh, and many fewer people would have braved the beach in Half Moon Bay, I think.

And we even came back with offerings for lono_i_ka_makah!
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