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On bathing.

I really like a long, leisurely shower. Even better is one followed by a soak in a hot tub. I've gone in on group motel room rentals of hot tub rooms in order to get at a hot tub; it's best in winter, when the contrast between the steamy bath and the dry cold outside is most satisfying. If I lived in Japan I'd probably take advantage of the available facilities a great deal. Even here in the States, one of the highlights of a visit to my parents' is using their shower and jacuzzi. But I prefer to do that the way the Japanese do; wash first, then soak.

I had a girlfriend my senior year who said that she'd been told by some authority-figure that any shower of over fifteen minutes was a "therapy shower", with the distinct implication that such showers were self-indulgent and to be avoided. Fortunately, she didn't seem to agree; she brought that up as we were showering together, laughing about how much longer than that time limit we were taking. And what's wrong with some shower therapy, anyway?

I think I've showered with everyone I've ever dated for more than a short time, and some who I didn't date for very long at all. To me, it isn't necessarily about sex; it's certainly an intimate act, but it's also very friendly and nurturing. You scrub my back, and I'll scrub yours. It's fun, and you get clean.

But even if I'm alone, I like to take my time bathing. I don't need many bath products; soap and water will do fine, as long as the water is a comfortable temperature and pressure. Shampoo is nice to have, of course, as is conditioner, but soap and water are the only essential ingredients. I'll admit that some of my most memorable showers were the ones where water temperature and pressure were unreliable, but those aren't ones I'd care to repeat.

So, this morning, upon finding that I'd woken up absurdly early, I got into the shower and washed throughly. I knew I could take my time as it was implausible that anyone else would need the hot water, at least not for a long while after I was finished.

When I finished, I found the cat sitting on the commode lid, staring over at me. She gave me an incredulous look, as if to say, "You meant to do that?"

"It's nice. You should try it sometime," I said to her. She stalked off, in that way cats do when they're told something they think is utterly absurd.

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