Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Why the New York City subway rocks.

Last Thursday, 10 August 2006:

3:30PM: After lunch with AB at the Hill Diner in Cobble Hill, I decide to go find Ali's Roti in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Thanks to wolfkitn for the recommendation! (G from Bergen St. to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, A to Nostrand Av.)

4:30PM: Walk down Fulton Street in search of a second roti place, which is apparently no longer there. Decide to go find more transit maps at the Transit Museum (C from Kingston-Throop Avs. to Nostrand Av., A back to Hoyt-Schemerhorn).

4:40PM: Realize I'm not going to get to the Transit Museum in any reasonable time, decide to go to Transit Authority headquarters to try my luck there. (C from Hoyt-Schemerhorn to Jay St. Borough Hall)

4:45PM: Find that the information office has moved to somewhere near South Ferry and decide go check out some South Asian chaat vendors up in Jackson Heights. (F from Jay St. Borough Hall to Jackson Heights Roosevelt Av.)

5:30PM: Wander around Little India looking for Delhi Palace, Dimple, Maharajah, and Rajbhog. Find them all and get business cards and take-out menus from most.

5:45PM: Receive text message from kalidoscopic and arrange to meet on a street corner near Grand Central in about half an hour. Go into Patel Brothers Supermarket to buy something to drink. (E from Jackson Heights Roosevelt Av. to Lexington Av./53 St., then 6 to Grand Central 42 St.)

6:15PM: Discover I am on the wrong side of Grand Central and decide the quickest way back is to swipe back in and go through the station and emerge on the other side.

6:30PM: Meet up with kalidoscopic and walk with her to Chelsea while catching up on everything that's happened to us in the last five months.

Three hours, three boroughs, six Metrocard swipes, $7 (one day fun pass).

There were many more rides that day, but this was the most concentrated bit. Also the bit with all the food.
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