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Chom's Boutique Inn & Thai Kitchen

Bika found us all a nice place to stay in Bangkok. My imperfect memory tells me that some wedding party she either was related to or was part of stayed at Chom's. In any case, it's worth a mention for its location, its very friendly staff, and its restaurant.

Chom's Boutique Inn & Thai Kitchen
888/37-39 Ploenchit Road (behind the Mahatun Plaza building)
Bangkok 10330
Tel: +66 (0) 2 254 2070-1, 252 4830-3
Fax: +66 (0) 2 252 1552
E-mail: info@tongsaibay.co.th
BTS Skytrain: Phloen Chit (E2)

Chom's has an excellent location on Thanon Phloen Chit. To say it is convenient to Skytrain is an understatement, as one of the Skytrain escalators is 100 meters in front of the hotel entrance.

The staff are exceptionally accomodating and friendly. When Bika asked if she could stay over with the three of us (there was room for four in the suite) they said, 'It's only for one night, right? No problem, no extra charge.'

The restaurant is excellent. Leah mentioned that they make no concessions to foreigners in the spiciness of the food, which is true but not necessarily a problem. Also, it is possible to order some items which are not spicy hot. Today, I had the vegetarian spring rolls, which were crispy and light, served on a bed of leafy green vegetables which were fried to a crunchy, paper-thin texture. I also had the fried pork cutlet with garlic rice, which I'd seen Bika order with a fried egg on top. I ordered the egg but instead it came scrambled and mixed with the garlic rice, which came out like fried rice, including bits of scallion. This was excellent, and possibly better than what I'd intended to order. The pork cutlet was light yet juicy, and came with a ketchup dip and sliced tomato and cucumber. The total bill was B. 140 ($3.41).

The only problem with the restaurant is that it seems only to be open from 1600-1800, Monday to Saturday. This points to the larger problem: business is bad. It seems silly to cut the hours one's restaurant is open because of budget problems, but that's what they've done.

Chom's is actually a stopover hotel intended for guests going to the Tongsai Bay resort in Samui, also owned by the Hoontrakul family. That is a much, much more expensive place to stay than Chom's Boutique Inn. However, business is slow at both hotels and one can imagine that one or both may have to close. Their website says that "The Tongsai Bay will be entirely closed for renovation from 1 October - 15 November 2003. There are rumors that this temporary closure may become permanent. I hope not, and I certainly hope it doesn't mean that Chom's will have to close, too.
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