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Every time I have waffles...

...I think of RN.

We were all in the S&C, which that night was serving "Breakfast for Dinner". One of the options was waffles. I love waffles.

When our plates were brought to us, R and I both put little dablets of butter into each square of each waffle, then carefully dripped syrup into each.

"You do that too!" we said, together.

In that moment, we bonded in our obsessive-compulsiveness. The gentle razzing we got from the others at the table didn't hurt, either.

"How else can you make sure each square gets butter and syrup?" she asked. Quite reasonably, I thought.

So this evening, when I got waffles at the Toast, I carefully put syrup and butter into each square, and thought of her as I did it.
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